Frequently Asked Questions
Directory Listing Questions
The following frequently asked questions include the most common questions we receive in emails including how to remove your home address or change an incorrect directory heading.

Top 5 Questions & Comments

I want my listing removed from the directory.
I didn't authorize you to publish my information.
You published my home address and now I'm being stalked.
Why can't you update the listing for me.
I want to reach XYZ Corporation.

Listing Issues

Remove the listing for my personal name.
My business information has changed.
The directory heading is wrong.
I don't want my personal name to appear.

Search Engine Issues

You're listed higher in Google Than Me
My Changes Aren't Appearing In Google

Account Problems

I'm not paying to fix my listing.
I didn't get my verification email and password.
I updated the listing, but it's still incorrect.

Why did you do that?

1. You charged my credit card for a product I did not purchase.
2. You own a piece of real estate we're interested in.
3. I sent my $20 processing fee, when do I get my million dollars?
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